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Celebrating the street and beach culture of Southern California.

O.I.L. Beach = Only in Long Beach

Self-taught -  California pop/folk/surreal art.

I’m a Long Beach based artist originally from Long Island, NY. I moved to Southern California as a child and have lived in Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego.  I’ve called Long Beach home for 14 years. I use bright colors and bold abstract shapes created with a combination of watercolor and ink, colored pencil, photography, and illustration to capture the spirit of urban coastal life. I handmake custom frames from repurposed wood and complete the work with a signature hot iron brand.

Between the global pandemic and social unrest, over the last couple of years our world has seen a dramatic shift in consciousness. Many people are casting off traditional ways of thinking to embrace new ideals. Inward reflection has become much more common and has personally brought me more peace.  My new work reflects this by balancing the contrasting energy of colors and abstract shapes. It’s in within this balance that a sense of calm and peacefulness can be found. I feel now more than ever this message is vital to our global consciousness.

I recently resigned from my job of 19 years to focus on my art. In doing so a spiritual element has resurfaced in my art. I find my work is constantly evolving and moving forward. I feel energized... New art coming soon!

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